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Authentic Menu

The following dishes appeal to customers looking for a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. No substitutions are available and please notify your server of any allergies as not all ingredients are listed.
Please inform your server of spicy level requests (mild, medium, hot, Sichuan hot)

Spicy#2. Chili Shrimp
Similar to #1 above, with a hearty (and heated) chili flavor.
Spicy#4. Green Peppers and Onion Stir-Fried Pork
This is the actual style of beef they eat in Mongolia and parts of Northern China.
#5. Gan-Bie Green Beans vegetarian
Literally: "shriveled", ganbie means to dry fry (no oil) in a wok. These green beans are given a szechuan flavor treatment before served as the perfect authentic side dish to be shared.
Spicy#6. Wok Style Baby Bok-Choy Gluten Free
Can you stir fry veggies without soy sauce? Yes, yes you can. These baby bokchoy have the texture of being steamed with the flavor of a light saute with a garlic.
Spicy#7. Ma-Po Tofu
Honestly, you will love this! Soft tofu and ground beef in a spicy szechuan peppercorn sauce is a true favorite of locals and foreigners living in China. It is almost soup like in consistency, but very filling and served with a side of white rice.
Spicy#9. Zi-Ran Beef Gluten Free
Cumin spice is used heavily in western China (Gansu and Xinjiang provinces), when combined with lamb (traditional) or beef (modern) the resulting dish will permanently convert you from the "Mongolian Beef" dishes of those panda joints.
Spicy#11. Chili Long-Lee Fish
Similar to the parboiled dish above, the chili version explodes with spice and flavor.
Spicy#13. Calamari in Black Bean Sauce
Finally, a dish I don't have to translate! Peppers and green onions round out the flavor profile on this authentic variation of cooked squid.
Spicy#15. Chili Pepper Chicken
Yes, you have had spicy chicken before. No, you have not had spicy chicken where the focus is on the chilis and not some bottled "hot sauce". Try it with a thai tea to cut the heat.
#29. Chili Potatoes with Vinegar
A zesty trio of sweet, sour & spicy makes these shredded potatoes more than just shredded potatoes!
#30. Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce
This garlic pork is a traditional Chinese dish that is sure to wow! Legend has it this dish was inspired by pickled meat dishes from way back.